Down the rabbit hole

Hot damn, we’ve started a blog! We’ve been wanting to chronicle the preparations to begin our life of breaking out of the mold for over a year. Perfectionism got the most of me here; how do you start? Where do you start??? Im realizing that there is no pin point beginning to experience; it’s all a spiral with no origin and no end that keeps going…This New Zealand sojourn was always a spark somewhere in our collective wanderlust. I mean, we started our planning of this part of our life exactly two years ago while traveling NZ in a camper van, leisurely enjoying a day that we didn’t realize was our last. When realization hit, there was a moment before the “s$&t! We leave today!!”,Where we felt a calm breath that spoke: we aren’t done here, and we could easily in this moment leave our lives in Cali behind. And in a way we did. But for me, instead of pulling away from people and the place, I began appreciating people in a much bigger way knowing my time with them was limited. This created a quality to our shared space; a greater intimacy and allowed me to drink up what these incredible people in Santa Cruz had to offer.
And in four days we leave. We’ve been experiencing equal levels of grief and excitement recently. Heartache and expansion. I gotta say, loads of expansion. As every corner of our household is cleared out and emptied, all the energy we’ve stored in these inanimate objects comes back to us. I can feel my aliveness growing leaps and bounds; and my thought is that I’m thriving being two months post-partum, sleep deprived, breast feeding, and dealing with the antics of two highly dramatic and strong willed girls because of this. Well partly. The other part is because us mamas are magical super humans. I have my moments of frazzled crazed wild woman eyes, but for the most part I can see its all good. At least that what my wise women friends keep reminding me.
So is this post narcissistic enough for a first timer?! Do you have any curiosities about our process you’d like answered?? I’m stoked that you are joining our adventure right now, as you read these words.
Xxx Mahabisa


6 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. Maha and Zack and little ones, I love you all so much. I am holding space for you in my heart and feel the adventure within myself through you. Happy travels. With love.

  2. I love this and I love you guys:) Super inspiring and brave lifestyle choice! We get so stuck in thinking that we have to live a certain way or have certain things to parent but watching ya’ll strip away the needed/unneeded stuff has reminded me how much possibility is available to us all. Thank you and can’t wait to watch your continuing adventures!

  3. It’s nice to feel included in your adventures. This has been shared with Chiao-Ling as well, who will also be following along. Safe travels!

  4. This will be such a fun way to hear about what you guys are up to! I will search for my New Zealand diary and dig out a few fun spots that I visited and pass on the town names.. HAve a blast! The people are amazing in New Zealand!

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